Housing Development Data

Client: Department of Planning and Community Development

The Housing Development Data is a spatial dataset containing a highly accurate count of existing dwellings, vacant residential lots and residential developments. The data is collected annually on a lot by lot basis through an analysis of various spatial datasets including aerial photography, property boundaries, business registers, planning permit information and other key databases.


HDD Extractor

Client: Department of Planning and Community Development

The HDD Extractor is a custom MapInfo application, developed by Spatial Economics, designed to assist in the visualisation, data extraction and analysis of the Housing Development Data.


Housing Capacity - Geelong and Surf Coast

Client: G21 Geelong Region Alliance

Spatial Economics carried out a housing capacity study for Geelong and Surf Coast. This study was built on the Housing Development Data completed for Geelong. The study established future capacity for three main categories: broadhectare, major infill and minor infill.


E-TOOL (Housing Capacity)

Client: SGS Economics and Planning for Department of Planning and Community Development

E-Tool is a custom Mapinfo application linked to Excel developed by Spatial Economics. E-Tool is a user-interface linked to the Housing Capacity database and GIS for metropolitan Melbourne that was developed by SGS for the Housing Capacity Assessment (HCA) project.


Regional Urban Development Program

Client: Department of Planning and Community Development

Spatial Economics have completed and are currently undertaking in total 30 local government area land supply assessments (industrial & residential) across regional Victoria.


Short Term Land Supply Adequacy and Housing Affordability

Client: Department of Planning and Community Development (Spatial Analysis and Research)

Spatial Economics was to investigate:

  • If there is a 'short-term' lack of residential lots being created to meet market demand within the Growth Area municipalities across metropolitan Melbourne
  • The stock of 'affordable' new land/dwelling construction across metropolitan Melbourne.
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    East Gippsland Industrial Towns Strategy

    Client: East Gippsland Shire

    Undertook the East Gippsland Industrial Towns Strategy which assessed existing industrial land stocks, employment projections, adequacy of industrial land by zone type, township, lot size.


    The Need for Change: The Case for Lockerbie

    Client: Delfin Lend Lease

    Delfin Lend Lease commissioned Spatial Economics to undertake an assessment of the land supply and demand situation within the Hume Growth Area.


    Brisbane - Housing and Industrial Development Activity: 2005 to 2008

    Client: Queensland Department of Infrastructure & Planning

    Spatial Economics were been commissioned by the Queensland Department of Infrastructure and Planning (DIP) to undertake an assessment across Brisbane of:

  • the residential dwelling stock
  • the incidence of new dwelling construction
  • the stock of vacant residential allotments;
  • the stock of vacant and occupied industrial land; an
  • the consumption of industrial land stocks
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    Industrial Land in Melbourne: An analysis of the use, zone, distribution and consumption of industrial land

    Client: Growth Area Authority

    Spatial Economics were commissioned by the Growth Area Authority (GAA) to investigate the distribution, zone and use of industrial land for the metropolitan area of Melbourne.


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